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The Knotweed Experts

Exceeding launch expectations by engaging the right audiences with the right messages

Goal completions since launch
Pages/session during launch
goal conversion rate in the second year


In 8 weeks from launch, The Grounds Care Group stormed the B2C market for Japanese knotweed removal, successfully selling their expertise, knowledge and services through an inbound marketing strategy based on secondary consumer research into search habits and purchase trends of the target audience, which has exceeded expectations.

The success of The Knotweed Experts inbound strategy has since encouraged The Grounds Care Group to explore new opportunities within other areas of their business using our expertise as the driving force to get these ideas to market.

Getting to the root of the problem

The Grounds Care Group are already established and experienced in the removal of knotweed in the commercial sector and now they wanted to break into the B2C market. Although essentially offering the same product, B2C demands a new strategy in order to appeal to the target market.

Consumers searching for knotweed removal services are often in the process of buying or selling a property and a survey has highlighted that they have a knotweed problem. Due to the invasive and destructive nature of the weed, removal must be guaranteed before a sale can go through. Therefore The Knotweed Experts sales process needed to reassure and give customers peace of mind that the problem would get sorted quickly and effectively.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

One stop digital shop

The key part of the strategy was to get customers onto the website, relate to their problem and reassure them they had come to the right place to get it sorted – quickly. The site needed to be informative and professional but reassuring at the same time. Ultimately it needed to encourage and motivate customers to book a survey online as quickly as possible.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Meet the experts

The brand needed to convey expertise, knowledge and approachability in order for potential customers to believe that The Knotweed Experts could solve their problem with minimal fuss. The approach taken was to create a warm, playful brand that would empathise with the customers regarding the seriousness of their problem, but would reassure them that it could be fully taken care of by them professionally and with a guarantee.

"The team at Hound and Badger shared our enthusiasm and passion for our new venture and contributed considerably to the strategic direction of this new sub brand. We look forward to continuing to build our partnership with them over the coming years."

Adam Brindle
Managing Director, The Knotweed Experts

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Getting to market

The marketing strategy incorporated workflows from targeted online advertising (PPC) and optimisation (SEO) to maximise organic search traffic to the website. The site visitors would become leads and then re-engaged through a series of email marketing and offline materials as part of the workflows to convert them into sales. Brand consistency throughout all touch points helped increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive