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Comprehensive inbound marketing strategy leading to dramatic increase in ROI

Increase in email enquiries
Increase in brochure downloads
Increase in direct traffic


The same team behind the past successes of Davlav’s branding, website, SEO, PPC, and other marketing collaterals have been tasked with increasing the ROI from their spend on digital marketing, in order to increase the leads.

Hound and Badger drafted a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy to drive more traffic to the website, increase email and telephone enquiries, and improve conversions. This is an ongoing strategy that has already seen a drastic improvement in the number of leads being generated, goal conversions and growth of the business.

With the increased budget we are now developing a new website for Davlav, due to be launched later this year.

Taking care of the UK’s workforce

Davlav is UK’s leading supplier of hygienic portable sanitation and effluent waste management offering an extensive range of products and services.

Our team has been working with Davlav for more than a decade, helping them maintain their position as number one for welfare facilities in London and the Home Counties. Operating as an extension of their sales and marketing team, we are able to continually develop and refine their inbound marketing strategy, generating higher quality leads that translate into more revenue for the growing business.

Clean & Elegant
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The shop window

The company website is Davlav’s official showroom, so we spend a lot of time ensuring the content is up to date. It’s been integrated with the Hubspot’s Service, Sales Professional and Marketing Pro products to enable their sales and marketing efforts to be aligned 100%.

Our continued monitoring, analysis, design updates and SEO means we can actively win Davlav higher organic rankings to maintain its search prominence bringing new and existing clients.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Flushed with data

To fully engage with their customers and improve conversions in a scalable but personalised manner, we use strong data insights to run digital marketing campaigns, both paid and organic using relevant content to target the right audiences, whether it’s blogger outreach or Google Ads.

Thanks to this, Davlav has seen a 133.77% increase in user acquisition in paid search traffic and 45.54% in organic search traffic, only in the first two months of 2019.

"We wouldn’t even consider trusting our digital design to anyone else. Really happy with the quality of the work produced by Hound and Badger and the speed at which they do it. They just ‘get it’."

Louis Payne
Sales Manager, Davlav

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive

Building a brand

With the big push on brand awareness and content-led marketing, Davlav has been very successful at attracting premium clients while engaging and retaining smaller clients across the construction industry. The fact that they easily hold their own even against blue chip companies next door at trade exhibitions makes us proud of our creative design work, while the growth of their website traffic shows us we’ve translated the inbound marketing methodology effectively for Davlav.

Clean & Elegant
Fully Responsive