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Arena Ice

Achieving a 34.85% YOY increase in ROI with integrated marketing campaigns across paid and organic

return on investment
ticket sales in 6 weeks with paid search
Increase in organic search traffic


Having previously developed all four ice rink websites with integrated marketing in mind, we were able to extend our unique inbound marketing framework to achieve outstanding results in digital marketing delivering a return on investment (ROI) of 2787.32% in the winter of 2018. This signified a 34.85% increase in ROI, year on year.

Here come the ice masters

Arena is an international event solutions company with a comprehensive portfolio of services including a turnkey ice rink solution, which they showcase as public ice rinks with on-site services for less than two months every winter, across the UK, under the sub-brand Arena Ice.

Two of those ice rinks are in collaboration with Historic Royal Palaces: Tower of London Ice Rink and Hampton Court Palace Ice Rink, both very high profile heritage attractions in London. The other two are Liverpool Ice Festival and North Pole Cambridge.

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Freezing up the UK winter every year

Hound and Badger, as specialists in digital marketing, were tasked with developing a digital strategy that maximised footfall at all four ice rinks as they do each year. The challenge was to use online advertising, search engine optimisation and social media to maximise ROI.

In terms of organic search, we improved SEO health with on-site tweaks, ran blogger outreach campaigns, monitored over 15 directory listings and improved search ranks for more than 2,109 keywords to gain better visibility. Google Analytics showed a 225.72% increase in organic search traffic year on year for the same period.

For paid search and display campaigns in the same period, traffic saw a 241.30% increase, year on year.

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Staying out of hot water

This particular winter saw a few hot weekends where the top surface of the ice rink would rink melt easily but perfectly safe to skate on. However, visitors didn’t necessarily understand this and if they had any falls they would get wet, which caused a sharp increase in negative reviews for those days.

The Hound and Badger team monitored all reviews and neutralised these reviews while also running campaigns to keep the average rating above 4 stars.

"The Hound and Badger team delivered well beyond expectations and easily won their place with the marketing team within Arena. We didn’t feel like we were working with an external agency but an in-house team that was always available and quick to act."

James Anderson
Commercial Director, Arena Group

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Just the tip of the iceberg

After the incredible results and high conversion value delivered, Arena has engaged Hound and Badger to look at the global brand, its numerous websites and support marketing campaigns in many business divisions.

A suite of brand identities and supporting design assets were created for various locations throughout the UK. We also delivered an inbound marketing strategy to drive sales both online and offline.

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